GROW in Community


Sunday 9:30 AM Gospel Growth & 10:30AM Worship Service

- Community Groups

And every day...from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that the Christ is Jesus. (Acts 5:42)

Community Groups are a big deal at Gospel Peace. They are an essential place where you can be known and cared for by other believers while applying the gospel to your everyday life. Community Groups also provide rest from the anxiety and pressure of life and offer a place to form new and deeper relationships. Community Groups are sources of encouragement as we seek to reflect Jesus’ love to our coworkers, friends and neighbors. As God made us for community, we need others to help us apply God’s word to our lives. We hope that everyone who attends Gospel Peace will find a Community Group to be a part of.

Though the locations will vary--homes around the city, apartment buildings, and rented spaces--our goal is the same: to live out the New Testament "one another" commands in small groups across the cache valley.

How to join a community group

  • Look through the hosts, times, and locations of the different home groups.
  • "Ask to join" a group. Some groups may fill up due to space constraints.
  • If you need help or would like to be assigned to a group, visit the “Need Help” button at the top left of the directory.
  • Commit to a group and gather weekly with them to cultivate healthy relationships!